20+ Years

  • Date published : 08 October 2019
  • KT Recipient :

In the first feature for this new series, we take a look back at the Quarries Playspace located in Clifton Hill Victoria.

The Quarries – a regional play-space designed in collaboration with Jeavons Landscape Architects over 20 years ago, utilised quarry and industrial references from the site’s past to create extensive elevated decks and bridges amongst constructed cliff faces, caves and tunnels.

The project involved wide community consultation in the development of a series of inclusive and high quality active and passive recreational spaces, that incorporated bespoke crafted materials designed to stimulate children’s imagination and challenge them physically.

The image on the left depicts Emily Taylor (Kevin Taylor’s daughter) climbing the ‘quarry’ soon after it’s opening in 1994, while the image on the right is of Emily’s daughter Edith climbing 24 years later.


The Quarries