Antonia Besa


Antonia joined the TCL team in 2017 after working as an architect and completing her studies in landscape architecture at the University of Melbourne.

In 2018 she was awarded the Hassell Travelling Scholarship from a pool of 23 graduates across Australia. Her thesis explores the potential for public space design to act as an agent of change in the informal settlements of San Martin, Buenos Aires, Argentina. During her studies, she was also awarded the 2017 Positive Design Award and the 2016 Rina Mackley Award.

At TCL, Antonia has worked on a diverse range of projects, ranging from masterplanning and concept phase to design documentation, with advanced skills in design representation.

Prior to joining TCL, Antonia worked on several architecture projects in Chile, including documentation and construction supervision.

She currently tutors studios at the University of Melbourne.

Antonia’s recent projects include:
Australian National Maritime Museum Plaza Design and Linking Piece, Sydney
Stormwater Harvesting Program, Moreland
Cruden Farm Masterplan
Elizabeth Quay Soft Landscape Audit and Consultancy
St Kilda Marina Waterfront Study, Port Phillip
The National Arboretum playground extension, Canberra
Trinity Grammar Junior School, Kew
Shenzhen Guang Ming Town Forest and Sports Park Competition, China
New Public Space for New Podil, Kiev
Dubai Underground Botanic Garden Competition
100 Forests — A catalogue of plant species found at the National Arboretum Canberra