TCL has the largest portfolio of education work than any other Australian landscape architecture practice. Each project is characterised by a deep understanding of the individual culture and character of the institution and a compelling landscape-led vision for its future.

The education market is now more competitive than ever and this challenge invites a number of questions. How can educational institutions and schools be a point of difference where they attract, engage and retain their students? How can the external environment encourage interesting and flexible ways of learning? How can it connect with buildings, both existing and new to encourage a sense of a dynamic and strong learning community where students feel they belong?

TCL facilitates new ways that students can engage with external spaces, including collaborative and cross disciplinary learning, the integration of wi-fi, digital media and creative technologies, research hubs, the 24-hours campus, external tutorial and meeting spaces, private study areas, landscape as research, social interaction and the recognition of difference and diversity, meeting nodes, flexible platforms for events, music, drama and a multitude of recreational pursuits.