Elizabeth Quay – The Towers and Ritz-Carlton

  • Date published : 13 December 2019
  • KT Recipient :

The recently completed Towers Apartments and Ritz Carlton Hotel is the first private development to flank the public realm of Perth Elizabeth Quays Development – a project TCL worked on in collaboration with Architects ARM which opened in 2016.

TCL’s design and planting palette for the development draws inspiration from its location on the Swan River, as well as the wondrous plants and landscapes of the surrounding south-west of Western Australian – an environment recognised as one of 34 botanical ‘hotspots’ worldwide, and the only one in Australia.

The Tower Apartments feature custom circular ‘hotspot’ planters, combining seating with seasonal botanical displays ,whilst the Ritz-Carlton landscapes take a local journey through some distinct landscape typologies including one podium landscape being inspired by sand dunes reimagined as glistening amorphic mosaic tiled ‘geomorphs’ and planted ‘phytomorphs’, while another is reminiscent of dry creek beds with with ‘escarpment’ outcrops of striated granite plinths, groves of paperbarks and tree ferns.

Botanical displays of hardy and characteristic plants feature throughout, selected for their form, seasonal display, texture and colour, as well as their ability to cope with the strong wind conditions and the microclimates formed by the building.