Catherine Buddle - Artist
Catherine Buddle - Artist

We are pleased to announce Catherine Buddle as our 2023 KT Legacy Recipient.

Catherine Buddle was selected as the 2023/2024 TCL Kevin Taylor Legacy recipient.

Along with a jewellery and visual art practice, Catherine has a biological sciences, scientific illustration, and graphic design background. Themes of science and nature have always been central to her work, with a particular fascination with cellular structure, repetition, and the possibilities of metamorphosis.  The legacy this year is sub-titled 'Honouring Simon Brown'.

Simon a long- time staff member, mentor and friend of TCL, sadly died of a terminal illness in early 2022, and the 2023/24 grant recognises his important contribution to landscape architecture and urban design - in particular his seminal involvement in TCL's projects at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.  As an integral component of the residency, Catherine visited Professor Michelle Waycott - the Chief Botanist, and Dr Ed Boffin – Molecular Botanist at the State Herbarium - Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

Catherine reflects, “When I visited the State Herbarium, I was fascinated by some specimen sheets which had small windows faced with tracing paper, enabling the plant material to be viewed from both sides. This resonated with a quote from the TCL Remembering Simon publication… ‘He often used the technique of putting an image on a window so he could trace over the top more easily…’

I met with Bec in their home several times and learnt more about Simon’s love of drawing and creating imaginary maps, and was taken by the labyrinth he created for their bedroom door. I decided to trace it, thinking I might crochet a section while waiting to collaborate with the Botanic Gardens team on the genetic sequencing aspect of my proposal.

It took two sessions, and when I had almost finished it came to me in a flash to translate Simon’s work into an embroidery. Sheer black silk organza floating with a galaxy of white dots… the labyrinth in reverse.

I have followed Simon’s hands fourfold… the initial tracing, translating the pattern to the fabric, removing the tissue and now the embroidery. Just as Simon approached his projects, it’s detailed and painstaking work. Although I never met him, I feel connected.”  

The labyrinth artwork and jewellery inspired by Catherine’s visits to the Herbarium will be on display in an exhibition of Catherine's work entitled The Galaxy Within to be held at the TCL Adelaide studio on 12th April 2024.   During the event two of the jewellery works will be gifted to Simon's wife Bec Francis and daughter Mackenzie Francis-Brown.

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