Rotokauri North masterplan: Embedding landscape values at the outset 

  • Date published : 27 February 2019
  • KT Recipient :
The site of the planned residential development at Rotokauri North, New Zealand. Photo: TCL

TCL is collaborating with Steve Thorne from Design Urban to design a masterplan for a new community at Rotokauri North, New Zealand that will embed landscape thinking from the outset.

Set in a serene pastoral landscape on the edge of Hamilton, New Zealand, the new community anticipates future housing needs in the region and its design will be highly responsive to the landscape.

The first stage of the project involved significant time spent walking the site to experience and map its unique characteristics.

“Planned communities that involve landscape architectural input from the very beginning tend to exhibit a stronger sense of place, and be of their place,” said TCL Director Perry Lethlean.

“When you consider the often homogeneous nature of new housing, landscape becomes all the more important to create a sense of home and a sense of identity.”

The masterplan is due to be completed later this year.