Free Range

  • Date published : 05 September 2019
  • KT Recipient :

Werribee Open Range Zoo (WORZ) is an African themed zoo, in the west of Melbourne. Since its inception, WORZ has been a model for the exhibition of exotic and native animal species that takes advantage of the natural attributes of the local environment. With a land holding of around 225 hectares, the Open Range Zoo provides generous spaces where the animals live in physical conditions, natural climate, and co-specific groupings which imitate their wild habitats.

TCL together with ARM, and an extensive consultant team, are about to embark on the Schematic Design of WORZ – an $86M redevelopment will substantially expand the current offerings. Key components of the redevelopment include a Gondola Sky Safari, a purpose built event lawn, a dedicated area for cheetah and wild dogs to roam, and the migration of the six Asian Elephants from Melbourne Zoo to Werribee, where they will have access to around 20 hectares of land to roam around.

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