Renewing Circular Quay

  • Date published : 05 September 2019
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TCL with architects TZG, in collaboration with lead consultants and Technical Advisor Arup, will work alongside Transport for New South Wales and the New South Wales Government on Sydney’s Circular Quay Precinct Renewal program – exploring ways to help this globally-recognised location realise its full potential and remain a vibrant and exciting destination for generations to come.

Nestled between the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, Circular Quay is one of Australia’s most significant historical and cultural precincts as well as a key transport interchange, and a major contributor to Sydney’s economy and tourism industry.

With numbers of visitors to Circular Quay forecast to grow by more than 40 percent by 2041, Arup’s multi-disciplinary team will work with Transport for NSW to produce concept designs for upgraded ferry wharves – ensuring that these services can cater for increased demand and are easily accessed by all. The team will also consider options for a more well-connected and active precinct.

Arup will contribute advice across more than 30 technical disciplines – delivering concept designs and producing briefing information on technical aspects related to the preparation of a final business case.

TCL with TZG will provide urban design and landscape services across the precinct to improve the image, flow and movement of people within this active public and commercial area. The project will open connections and views to Sydney’s many renowned destinations for the continued celebration of the city’s natural beauty, heritage and culture.

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Circular Quay Precinct Renewal program.

Image credit: ©Cieran Murphy Photography