As the practice behind some of Australia’s most iconic designed landscapes, TCL is uniquely placed to deliver neighbourhood frameworks that inspire, delight and endure.

Australian cities and regional centres have experienced unprecedented growth in the past decade. As our population continues to rise, cities are reaching both upward and outward as they struggle to provide housing within reach of employment centres.

On our urban fringes, new communities are being established on former agricultural or industrial landscapes at a phenomenal pace, with affordability and lifestyle typically the major drawcards. But in a competitive housing market, it’s challenging for new-build communities to stand out from one another and offer a compelling lifestyle without a sophisticated, landscape-based vision.

This is where TCL can help. Our practice specialises in working with developers at the front-end of a project to identify the landscape- and place-driven potentials of the project, no matter its scale.

“Good design is good business” – Thomas John Watson Jr, chairman and CEO of IBM, 1952 – 1971.

In the short term, the cost of good design is often no more expensive that the cost of mediocre design, but the latter will cost more in the long run.

A strong landscape-led design vision will not only provide a competitive advantage that will make a residential development more desirable, memorable and marketable, but it will also deliver critical things such as enhanced biodiversity, climate resilience, lower energy costs, and happier and healthier communities.

Our success in this field is underpinned by our ability to balance bold, site-wide design gestures with smaller site-specific nuances that ensure each plaza, park, street and garden are unique to their setting.

To collaborate with us is to ensure proud communities, memorable experiences and iconic destinations.

TCL’s approach can be summarised in the following five principles:

A site responsive place: we distil site qualities, reveal site stories, and identifying signature landscapes

A unique place: we believe an emblematic landscape experience can define a community’s identity

A place worth living (for life): we advocate and design for quality, durability, and diversity

A place worth walking to: we employ best practice urban design principles including walkable communities, integrated smart technology and active transportation networks

A vibrant place: places that encourage socialisation, human connection, celebration and activation