Hacking ocean currents to build resilience: Wenxi Wang wins TCL Adelaide’s Student Prize

TCL student prize
  • Date published : 20 February 2019
  • KT Recipient :

University of Adelaide graduate Wenxi Wang has won TCL Adelaide’s Student Prize, a $1,000 cash prize awarded to an outstanding graduating project completed at the University of Adelaide.

Wenxi’s thesis project, titled Boundary Resistance, looked at ways to protect Adelaide’s coastline from erosion through the careful manipulation of ocean dynamics to create sand barriers and mangrove forests, which are incredibly effective in reducing storm surges and damaging waves.

TCL congratulates Wenxi for her rigorous approach to a real and pressing issue and for highlighting the importance of working with natural processes rather than against them.

Image from Boundary Resistance by Wenxi Wang.
TCL student prize
Wenxi Wang (left) with TCL's Enoch Liew.