MLC Principal’s Terrace nearing completion

  • Date published : 03 December 2018
  • KT Recipient :

Methodist Ladies College in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs will soon have a new recreational space and outdoor learning environment.

TCL’s design resolves a number of connectivity issues at the Kew campus while providing a versatile space for events and everyday student use.

TCL Director Lisa Howard said that the notion of a terraced landscape with integrated pathways, seating and steps really drove the design.

“We want students to feel as though the space is an area of ultimate flexibility – a formal lawn framed by a beautiful garden. The design includes a small water rill that runs alongside the eastern steps to add a soothing soundscape to the garden, as well as a sense of discovery and whimsy.”

“The space is designed so that it looks beautiful when empty (while class is in session) while still being highly versatile and functional.”

The project is due for completion in December 2018.