Movement of Place

  • Date published : 09 October 2019
  • KT Recipient :

The 2019 Kevin Taylor Creative Grant recipients Amrita Hepi – a Bundjulung and Ngapuhi dancer and choreogapher and Claire Winsor – a Landscape Architect from Spinney Studio, are showing the culmination of their residency with the screening of a video installation entitled Movement of Place.

Earlier in May Amrita and Claire were in Adelaide to undertake Part 1 of the residency – Harvesting Conversations, where they engaged in one on one conversations with TCL staff and friends about the cultural values of place, as well as attitudes to dance and movement.  Through these conversations a series of movements were identified to articulate each person’s personal connection to place.  In the video which is shot in the dramatic Flinders Ranges along with other urban locations, Amrita’s body is used as a point of archive and an exploration through culture and landscape.

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Image credit: Amrita Hepi x Claire Winsor