Mobara Park

Public Garden

Mobara Park

Mobara Park celebrates the sister city relationship between the City of Mobara in Japan and the City of Salisbury. The design of the park incorporates Japanese design principles while acknowledging the location of the site within the Salisbury Plains.

The Park is separated into three themed gardens, the ‘Garden of Blossom’, the Garden of Fields’ and the ‘Garden of Shifting Skies’.  Interval gardens provide separation and allow movement across the park.  Elements that emphasise the connection with Japan include rows of blossom trees, playful circular grass mounds, a detailed stone paving area for gatherings, timber decking, a cluster of red poles, a water feature, custom designed furniture and associated plantings.

Year 2005
Location Mawson Lakes, South Australia
 Delfin Lend Lease and City of Salisbury

Collaboration Marijana Tadic
Budget $350,000.00 (AUD)
Size 5000sqm
Photography Ben Wrigley

  • LOCATION : SA, Australia
  • CATEGORY : Public Garden
  • YEAR : 2005 – 2009