Monash University Forum


Monash University Forum

Awarded as part of a two-stage competition, TCL with Peter Elliott Architecture and Urban Design delivered the Monash Forum.

The design of the Forum, Monash Clayton’s premier ceremonial space, was based around three key moves: to edit out compromised elements; re-establish the fundamental structures of the space; and then insert new elements.

The editing process saw the removal of selected trees and the ‘de-cluttering’ of the space – removing built form intrusions particularly steps and ramps, and extraneous pathways, to provide a new seamless and accessible integration between building entries and open space.

Established as a single plane, the space has clarity and is reinforced in its ‘civic-ness’. The grand new sunken lawn is the centrepiece of the Forum, bordered by strong axial pathways. A sequence of bridges connects the paths across the lawn and reference Sir John Monash’s contribution to bridge engineering.

The original pond has been reimagined as a formal, naturally-filtered water feature. The new Forum provides a memorable backdrop for graduation, events, and daily university life.

Year 2017
Client Monash University
Collaboration Peter Elliott, Meinhardt, WSP, TTT & Slattery
Size 1,100m2

Photography Andrew Lloyd & John Gollings

  • LOCATION : Victoria, Australia
  • CATEGORY : Education
  • YEAR : 2017