Point Nepean National Park Master Plan

Master Plan

Point Nepean National Park

TCL led a design consultant team in developing the master plan for one of Australia’s most unique national parks.

Point Nepean National Park is a sublime, 560-hectare landscape at the narrow tip of the Mornington Peninsula. This site has held a meaningful cultural role for over 35,000 years, as a sacred place to its Traditional Owners, a landmark and natural resource to early European settlers, and as a gateway and line of defense for Victoria and Australia.

The Point Nepean National Park master plan aspires to protect the site’s unique qualities, distil its many stories and, ultimately, provide a clear identity and vision for the park. Ultimately, the document promotes a more complex understanding of the site as a shared cultural landscape, read as both Country and National Park. The master plan translates this reading into design initiatives, interpretation and management.

View the final plan here.

Year: 2018
Location: Point Nepean, Victoria
Client: Parks Victoria

Collaboration: Arup, DCWC, Peter Emmett, Roger Gibbins, Tonkin Zulaikha Greer

  • LOCATION : Victoria, Australia
  • CATEGORY : Masterplan
  • YEAR : 2015 – 2019