Collingwood Children’s Farm

Public Garden

Collingwood Children's Farm

Imagine herds of inquisitive children, pigs residing in what the staff describe as the Pig Hilton, lots of waddling ducks and curious looking chooks and goats; community gardens and vineyards lovingly cultivated.

Wrap these up in a unique pastoral setting, on a broad alluvial reach of the Yarra River in the heart of urban Collingwood, and you have the Collingwood Children's' Farm.

Taylor Cullity Lethlean has been privileged to work in this wonderful environment over an extended period.

Work, all of which has involved detailed consultation with the farm community, has included preparation and implementation of a detailed masterplan, including a new entry and animal pens; shared bike/pedestrian path link through the farm and the design on an entry bridge and toilets.

All this work has been undertaken in a manner which respects the unique character of the farm by inserting contemporary and sometimes quirky elements which have grown from an in depth appreciation of the place and its community.

The Aboriginal community have also been actively involved during construction by collecting and making artefacts for display, and as part of an employment program which has undertaken planting of indigenous vegetation within the park.

Year 2001
Location Abbotsford, Victoria
Collingwood Children's Farm

Photography Ben Wrigley

  • LOCATION : Victoria, Australia
  • CATEGORY : Public Garden
  • YEAR : 2000 – 2004