Adelaide Residence

Private Garden

Adelaide Residence

... A garden in Adelaide for an art collector and her young family.

The brief for this project called for a contemporary garden that was elegant in its expression, provided opportunities for art and sculptural works, and contained a number of different areas for various social and other activities, including for young and boisterous children.

TCL's design for the garden extends the recent renovation at the rear of the house and starts a conversation with the original stone villa at the front of the property.

The garden unfolds as a series of interrelated courts and layered spaces, with the planting being predominately from a hardy Mediterranean palette in order to thrive in Adelaide's climate with minimal watering and maintenance.

2014 Edna Walling National Award for Residential Design Landscape

Client N.A
Collaboration Decoy Sebastian di Mauro
Location Adelaide, South Australia
Completion 2007
Size 1238m2
Photography Andy Rasheed and Grant Hancock

  • LOCATION : SA, Australia
  • CATEGORY : Private Garden
  • YEAR : 2005 – 2009